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This is NOT a vigilante or anti-establishment or anti-police website.


· Be honest in your reviews. You want to be able to trust these reviews when evaluating a police officer.

· When you are reviewing an officer, it’s often helpful to provide both pros and cons. This leads to much more credible and constructive feedback for your peers.

· Reviews should focus specifically on you experience with the officer. Do not comment on a Officer’s appearance, dress, age, gender or race.

· Avoid hearsay. We want you to share your individual experience and what you took away from your experience with the officer. Don’t speak on behalf of another, encourage others to submit their own reviews.

· This is not a forum for debate. Reviews that specifically reference another review will be removed. If you do not agree with someone’s individual experience, we encourage you to share your own.

· Reviews fueled by anger do not reflect well on the author and can be removed for violations such as profanity. Take a minute to step back and make sure your review will genuinely help others understand your experience.

· Rate Our Officer reserves the right to remove ratings that do not contain substantive comments.

· We only allow one person to review a police officer at a time. Spamming or dog-piling an account will lead to comment removal and the account being temporarily locked on the site.

Prohibited Content: Comments that contain the following will be removed :

· Profanity, name-calling, and/or vulgarity, derogatory remarks about religion, ethnicity or race, gender, physical appearance, age, mental and/or physical disabilities;

· Identifiable information about a police officer that would allow someone to contact the officer outside of their work;

· References to an officers’ family, personal life and/or sex life, including sexual innuendos;

· Claims that a police officer shows bias for or against a person or specific group of people.

· Claims about a police officers’ employment status, including previous employment;

· Claims that a police officer engages or has engaged in illegal activities;

· Direct references to other existing comments or comments that have been deleted by our moderators;

· Accusations that the police officer is rating him/herself or his/her colleagues;

· A language other than English. Comments must be written in English only. Hyperlinks and / or URLs.


· This is an anonymous website where citizens can share their experiences. We are unable to provide any data or personal information about the submitter of a review.

· We do not pro-actively add any police officer to our website, every profile was submitted by our community via OSINT or Open Source Intelligence Methods, you are what you share.

· We are unable to remove a comment simply because it is negative. It will only be removed if it doesn’t comply with our site guidelines.

· Replies fuelled by anger do not reflect well on the author and can be removed for violations such as profanity. Take a minute to step back and make sure your reply will genuinely help others.

· Rate Our Officers moderation A.i is unable to prove or disprove details mentioned in a review. We are not arbiters of facts. If you disagree with the details mentioned in a review, see paragraph above regarding managing your profile.

· If you believe that your profile is being spammed or dog-piled, please tell us. You can contact us via the forms provided or on Twitter preferred. We’re here to help and will happily review the comments in question.

· While it is against our guidelines for a police officer to rate themselves, we recommend for police officers to encourage their citizens to provide ratings for each experience. The more reviews you have, the more representative they will be.

· Police Officer replies are subject to the same limitations regarding Prohibited Content, as set forth above.

If you see a rating that you believe violates these Site Guidelines, please click the "report this rating" at the bottom of the comment and state the problem. Such comments will be evaluated by the Site's personnel. Please do not flag a rating just because you disagree with it.

The Site reserves the right to remove any comments deemed as inappropriate, libelous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or which may or may not appear to impersonate anyone else or that otherwise violate the Terms of Use Agreement.

Will an officer know that I have rated them?
Nope! We don't display any of your personal information anywhere on the site. All ratings submitted will remain anonymous.
We strongly encourage everyone to write constructive comments without including any identifying information about yourself or others. If our systems determine the comment could identify you or anyone else, the post will be removed. You may use MyPoliceRapport.org to leave an identifiable report.

Can you explain the rating scale?
When rating a police officer, please refer to these definitions of Rate Our Officers' ratings categories.

  • Rate the police officer: Overall Quality (Good: 3.5-5, Average: 2.5-3.4, Poor: 1-2.4)
    • A police officer’s Overall Quality rating should reflect how well an experience was and how helpful the officer was. Is the officer approachable, nice and easy to communicate with?

The following categories should not factor into the overall quality score given to a police officer.

  • When you were in the wrong
  • If you were arrested or detained for committing a crime.

This is NOT a vigilante or anti-establishment or anti-police website.